How to Disinfect a Home against COVID-19?

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Disinfecting home from Covid-19

The big brain animals has changed their perspective towards life because of one microorganism. people are confused what they should do; and obviously anxious about near future. But, it is really important that we all understand that worrying about situation should never be an option. We all should help each-other in ways one or other.

I am Sejal Patel, running my cleaning business from last 3 years in Brisbane Australia, visit us at, and learned a lot during this period of my life particularly how much cleaning and hygiene carries value in our life. I will say cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting our body and space around us should be considered a part of our daily routine. So far I noticed that the family and businesses who consider cleaning as a lifestyle stay healthy, productive and most importantly happy and satisfied with their life.

Top 5 Tips on How to Disinfect your Home

According to my knowledge and experience in this field, I believe these following five tips would change your life leads you towards more productive life. Please try it for at least a week and see the results, discontinue if you are not getting any results.

Do dusting everyday

Dust particles are small enough to be inhaled which can cause lot of health issues. I take just 2 minutes of your day to do it if you practice this everyday, lets set a timer!!! This activity will prevent you from many health issues like irritated eyes, coughing, sneezing, hay fever and asthma.

Wiping and disinfecting surfaces

All surfaces which are often touched by people have the highest number of germs which is very obvious to understand. According to me not only hospitals, but also living and working spaces should also use hospital grade disinfecting chemicals to sanitize all these areas. Any disinfectant can be used but I will recommend Chloradet from AGAR (please note this is not sponsored). This chemical contains available chlorine in the form of Sodium Hypochlorite and Hypochlorous acid which is powerful germ cleaning agent.

Regularly wash bathrooms and toilets

Toilets and bathrooms are the areas of the house which require intense cleaning and sanitizing. Only wiping with solutions will not help, some surfaces get dirt and mould build up that require scrubbing with green scara. I prefer Blue Laser from True Blue (please note this is not sponsored) which keeps surfaces clean, disinfected and odor-free. We can use Chloradet instead of this if you want to do so.

Floor Cleaning

When we are coming back with lot of germs, those will accumulated on the floor. So make sure you vacuum or sweep floors as well as mop all areas of the floor with clean mop. For more effective results take really hot water and disinfectant for moping. I like to use pine oil, eucalyptus oil and any dishwashing liquid.

Use Hygiene option for laundary

Our clothes can have germs if you been to any infected place that can easily transfered to our skin or other part of the body. Try not wear clothes of others and properly clean your clothes. I use OxiClean Laundry Detergent for desired results but we can use any detergent which focus on disinfecting.

Make sure you wear gloves and mask as well as wash your hands thoroughly to protect yourself while following above tips. If you are someone who cannot clean or want to save time for your passion We are happy to do the job for you in really reasonable price. Call now to book your appointment on 0466288987


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