What is the Difference between Commercial Cleaning and Domestic Cleaning?

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Difference Between Cleaning Services

Cleaning is an important task. Whether it is the cleaning of your household, housing society, locality, office, or factory, it is essential to do it correctly and systematically.

When you wish to do it flawlessly, the best thing is to outsource it to some professional service provider.

However, it is not a simple thing to get the right service provider.

Based on their expertise and specialization, there are two categories of cleaning services- commercial cleaning and domestic cleaning.

Both categories of service providers help in keeping your premises spick and span.

How do the responsibilities and proficiencies of commercial and domestic cleaners differ? This blog explains it.

  1. Area that they cover- The biggest difference is in the area covered by commercial and domestic cleaners. Domestic cleaning happens in the residential environment, whereas commercial cleaning happens in the business premises. Residential cleaning happens in a limited, small area as compared to commercial cleaning, where the area is much bigger.
  2. Tools and devices- A domestic cleaning company uses simpler cleaning devices and smaller tools. Commercial cleaning happens on a larger scale. Therefore, commercial cleaning requires bigger tools and devices. Large vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, and other tools that can offer robust cleaning.
  3. Cleaning processes-Commercial cleaning is a hugely different ball game. Here, the cleaning task is divided into complex procedures. The work processes are well-defined, and they are to be followed mandatorily. Domestic cleaning also follows processes, but they are not rigid. There is scope for a little variation. 
  4. Cost of cleaning- Domestic cleaning is less expensive because of the smaller area and simpler processes. Commercial cleaning happens at a large scale, where the processes are well-defined and more structured. It is the reason; commercial cleaning is expensive as compared to residential cleaning.
  5. Safety standards- Commercial cleaning companies are supposed to follow commercial safety guidelines given by local or national authorities. Residential safety guidelines are different, and they are applicable to residential cleaning companies only.
  6. The scale of operation- Commercial cleaning companies are usually big corporate houses spread across the country. Domestic companies are local companies that are limited to a specific geographical area or city.

You need to be particular about hiring the right kind of cleaning company for your house, locality, or business. Make sure the service provider knows the type of cleaning you are looking for.

Give your requirement specifications clearly and precisely. Your right selection will result in better service.

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