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We know moving can be stressful. Hopefully, by providing this end of lease cleaning checklist we can
help make your life just a little easier. If you’re unsure about the rules and regulations concerning
getting your bond back, the Tenants Union NSW and Fair Trading NSW are amazing resources
to freshen up on your rental knowledge.

Office cleaning/Commercial cleaning checklist

  • Vacuuming daily all floor areas (including tiles)
  • Disinfectant mopping of all hard floors
  • Empty waste bins, wash as needed and add new liners with one spare liner
  • Standard wipe down of all glass areas
  • Damp-wipe hard surfaces with mild disinfectant and polish them if needed
  • Clean walls and painted surfaces as needed
  • Wipe down door handles, light switches and baseboards
  • Top daily cleaning lists for the break room, wash rooms and kitchen
  • Sanitize and clean all basins, toilets, doors and fixtures in washroom
  • Refill soap dispensers, hand towels, toilet rolls
  • In the event of dishwasher, load all dishes present in dishwasher and run
  • Wipe down all reflective surfaces including mirrors, crystals, brass and glass
  • Use spray disinfectant on the sides of all surfaces including toilets, doors, sinks and appliances


includes all rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and hallways where applicable

  • vacuum/sweep/mop floors
  • clean cupboards, shelves, and drawers
  • clean wardrobe mirrors, frame and tracks
  • wash window, sills, and tracks (interior)
  • detail door frames
  • detail skirting board
  • dust blinds
  • clean accessible light fixtures
  • clean light switches and power points
  • remove cobwebs
  • carpet steam cleaning (as required)
  • wall washing (as required)
  • blind cleaning (as required)


  • sweep floors
  • clean cupboards, shelves, and drawers
  • remove cobwebs


  • wash tiled surfaces
  • clean bathtubs and basins
  • clean shower glass/screens
  • clean shower head and faucets
  • clean and disinfect toilets
  • clean vanity, handles and spout
  • clean medicine cabinets
  • polish mirrors
  • dust air vents


  • vacuum/sweep/mop floors
  • wipe down washer and dryer surfaces
  • remove dryer lint
  • clean sink, handles, and spout


  • clean oven (interior + exterior)
  • clean stovetop
  • degrease range hood
  • clean bench top surfaces
  • clean backsplash
  • clean sink, handles and spout
  • clean pantry
  • clean cupboards, shelves and drawers
  • clean inside microwave, dishwasher, or
  • fridge (as requried)


  • vacuum/sweep/mop floors
  • wash sliding patio doors and tracks
  • wash window, sills and tracks
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